the chrishall disillery


Jake's Gin is a family run company, born from a love of gin, a passion for plants and a fascination with the art of distilling. The name is inspired by our spaniel Jake and his infectious enthusiasm for all of the good things in life. Jake's Gin is here to remind us that we should all live life to the full - freely, adventurously and with love!

At the Chrishall Distillery we’ve been working hard to create a truly well-balanced London dry gin that is delicious, elegant and complex. We are proud to say that we have achieved exactly that and we can’t wait to share it with you. Jake’s Gin contains 21 unique botanicals from exotic lemon verbena from Morocco and orange flowers from Iran to rosemary and hawthorn which we pick from our own garden. Handcrafted in our copper still Gladys, Jake’s Gin has a full flavour with its main characteristics being juniper, coriander, citrus and floral notes.

The Dun Cow - Old Kent Road, London.

The Dun Cow - Old Kent Road, London.

Each batch of gin is made in our bespoke made copper still. We decided to name our still ‘Gladys’ after our grandmother who grew up and worked with her parents in their pub, which was once a well known gin palace of the day called The Dun Cow located on the Old Kent Road, in South London. We felt it was rather fitting to name the still after our lovely Nan, who came from humble albeit gin related beginnings and for whom we all remember her love of a good G+T!

We recommend that you try our Jake’s gin served neat over ice or mixed with premium tonic water, plenty of ice with a garnish of lemon.