Jake’s Artisan Small Batch London Dry Gin

Based on the style of a classic London dry gin Jake’s Gin is carefully crafted and distilled in small batches at the Chrishall Distillery using our traditional copper still ‘Gladys’ for a truly unique flavour.

Serve neat over ice or mixed with premium tonic water, plenty of ice with a garnish of lemon.  


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We decided to get some of our favourite cocktails listed on here for you to try, many more to come!

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Find out about our organisation, mission, our methods, and the results of our passion for fine Gins.

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Product Overview

We are proud to present our handcrafted gin to you, distilled with 21 botanicals gathered from the far reaches of the world to our own garden.

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small but mighty (20cl)

We produce our Jake’s Gin in a smaller 20cl size bottle for those who need something conveniently sized for travelling, also this is the perfect size for presents!

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the classic (70cl)

Each bottle of Jake’s gin is handcrafted in our copper Still. After much consideration we settled on 21 unique botanicals, ranging from Angelica root to rose buds.

Jake's Gin is a family run company, born from a love of gin, a passion for plants and a fascination with the art of distilling. The name is inspired by our spaniel Jake and his infectious enthusiasm for all of the good things in life. Jake's Gin is here to remind us that we should all live life to the full - freely, adventurously and with love!