Gin Silver Fizz

Its hard to pinpoint the true origin of this amazing cocktail but we do know for sure is that it tastes great and it is sure to impress your guests!


60ml Jake’s gin

1 egg white

25ml syrup

25ml lemon juice


Add all the ingredients finishing with the egg white into a shaker, allow them 10 seconds to rest (in order to maximise foam).

Dry shake for 10 seconds (shake without ice).

Add ice to the shaker and leave it for 10 seconds before shaking so that the ice does not break.

Then shake again - 10 secs

Double strain to get any ice shards out

Pour out into highball glass & top with cold soda water

Jake’s top tip: Make sure the soda water is really cold because there is no ice in this drink, it will need the soda to keep it cold!